Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Many medical experts recommend chiropractic care during pregnancy as it helps maintain pelvic balance. A balanced pelvis gives a baby more room to move into the correct birth position. This avoids some of the potential fallbacks of delivery. Other benefits include:

Reducing back, neck and joint pain
Reducing nerve stress to promote healthy development of the mother and baby
Relieving pressure from the spine and maintaining better posture
Restoring joints to ensure optimum range of motion
Reducing symptoms of nausea
Reducing time of labor and delivery
Stimulates optimal functioning of reproductive organs
Preventing potential cases of cesarean
Maintaining a healthy pregnancy

A visit to the chiropractic clinic begins with physical evaluations, and then a treatment plan is made, involving therapies, nutrition and exercise. Chiropractic care aims to provide comfort for mothers during and after pregnancy, and also ensuring their babies enjoy proper bone and neural development.

Image Used Under Creative Commons Licensing: Profile of a pregnant woman by Jason Pier in DC
Treatment and Prevention of Muscle Cramps during Exercise

chiropractor maple valley Treatment and Prevention of Muscle Cramps during ExerciseMuscle cramps that are caused by exercise can be very painful and can cause athletes to drop out of competitions. Muscle cramps can happen in any types of sports and are usually a result of muscle fatigue, a loss of electrolytes or dehydration.

Cramps are not limited to sports, they can happen even to people who are not involved in any type of sports. Repetitive cramps can be healed by a chiropractor by aligning the vertebrae correctly in the spine using various techniques.